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Abstar Block Bottom Bag with Valve

Abstar Block Bottom Bag with Valve


Appropriate for automatic filling.

Valve is self-closing after filling.

Lamination is durable against water and humidity.

Air Permeability both with micro & macro perforation.

Multi-color printing.

Environmentally Friendly.


After filling the packaged product takes block form and requires less space.

The cross bottom valve sack is suitable for both manual and automatic placement onto the filling spout.

Areas of Usage

Cement Industry; Portland cement, White cement, Dry-mix concrete, Ready-mix, Products

Mineral Industry; Calcite, Gypsum, Lime, Powder & Granular items

Chemicals & Petrochemistry; Construction chemcials, Casting powder, Polymer granules, Fertilizer and organic fertilizer

Food Industry; Flour, Cereals, Sugar, Legume, Pulse

Agricultural Industry; Seed, Animal feed